Dental Practice Bootcamp

Is your practice ready to get in better shape over one action-packed week? From April 1-5, Prime Practice is running an online Dental Practice Bootcamp filled with valuable and actionable content to boost your practice.


Have your practice attain peak performance and get the tools for growth across the five pillars of dental business management.

  1. Key Performance Indicators. Understand some of the key figures you need to be tracking consistently to ensure your practice is on the path for growth and success.
  2. Patient Communication. Increase your patient retention and conversion rates through effective communication skills.
  3. Compliance. Ensure your practice is compliant in all facets so that you, your team and your patients are safe - always.
  4. Dental Marketing. Know how and where to spend your marketing dollars effectively.
  5. Leadership. Develop the essential leadership skills required to lead not just your team, but also your business.    

For five consecutive days, from 12:30pm AEST (recorded and available for those that miss out), Prime Practice will be running both live and recorded sessions that will help guide you through the five pillars of running a successful dental practice. The sessions will each run between 20-40 minutes and you will be provided with an action list following each session to help with implementation.

[WHO IS THIS FOR] Dental Practice Owners and their Practice Managers.


DAY 1: KNOW THE NUMBERS- Fundamental KPIs by Dr Phillip Palmer

After analysing the challenging current dental market, Dr Palmer will take you through what it takes to thrive in the current dental market.

He will help you to understand what you need to know in your practice to grow, starting with where you are at right now. You will assess where improvements can come from and what you need to do to make them happen.

DAY 2: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS- Communication for Maximum retention by Brett Churnin

It takes a lot of resources to get a new patient in the front door.

This talk covers the multitude of ways you can create or destroy connections with patients from when they first find you to when they are sitting in the dental chair.

We will cover the 4 stages of a patient-practice relationship including why patients might ‘break up’ with your practice in the first two stages.

We will look into the mindset of a dentist and the mindset of a new patient and follow their journey into your practice. You will get concise actions to help your practice avoid being broken up with on the way to becoming life-long patients.

DAY 3: GET SAFE NOW- Infection Prevention and Risk Management By Meg Sharpe

As practice owner, you probably know a fair bit about how important it is to have a compliant practice. However, how confident are you that your team are doing the right thing 100% of the time. With a number of practices being shut down due to infection breaches this year already, it is more critical than ever to make sure your practice is safe.

In this session, Meg is going to cover off a check list so you can have peace of mind that you and your team are compliant with all infection prevention and sterilisation guidelines.

DAY 4: ATTRACT MORE PATIENTS- Marketing for return by Jason Maher

This session with Jason Maher covers the fundamentals of marketing today for practice owners and managers. Learn where your prospective patients can be found and how to reach them. Jason will cover how digital marketing is impacting patient interactions and provide some simple and effective tools you can use to ensure your practice is as visible to patients and prospective patients as possible.

You will also gain digital marketing insights with a review of SEO & SEM, social media and Google to inform your marketing planning and budgeting, and understand the options available for you to reach your target patient audiences. 

DAY 5: LEAD FOR GROWTH- Leadership skills for motivation by Patric Moberger

How do you get your team to support you through change and growth in your practice?

In this session, Patric will cover the keys to leading your team for growth. Understand how to motivate them using 3 distinct steps.

Patric will cover the key reasons team members choose to stay or leave a dental practice and how to keep good team members in your practice, with a specific focus on the millennial generation.


What’s involved?

From 1st-5th April, from 12:30pm AEST (each session varying from 20-45mins) we will provide 5 days worth of actionable tips to help get your dental practice in shape. Each day, we will guide you through one aspect of your dental practice and how to grow. Following the session you will be sent an action list to help you implement what you’ve learnt. By the end of the week, you will have a set of actions ready to go!

Each day, starting from 12:30pm AEST (and running for 20-45 minutes), we will provide either live webinar or video content on our members only channel. You will receive your action sheets after each day’s session and will have access to the channel until 12th April 2019 in case you miss any sessions.

What if I miss a session?

Never fear, you have access for 2 weeks (until April 12) to the members only channel where all content will be shared on a daily basis.

What if I have a question?

Not to worry! Just post your question to the members only channel during the session, or email us at and we will get back to you asap. 

Can I access the worksheets AFTER the challenge?

100%! This is the point of our challenge. We want to see you actioning all the great content. You will get emailed the action sheets daily.

CPD in Australia and NZ?

Australian clinicians are required to determine the appropriateness of non-scientific CPD activities undertaken. Certificates will be provided at the end of the event, which includes 2 hours of CPD training. For NZ CPD, please contact Prime Practice.

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