Infection Prevention Part 3: Sterilisation

All roads to becoming Compliant in the dental practice leads to sterilisation and how effectively your instruments and devices are reprocessed to stop the spread of infectious diseases. So, it is critical that everyone in the practice is trained up on sterilisation processes.


In Infection Prevention, all roads lead to sterilisation and how we effectively reprocess our reusable devices to maintain team and patient safety from the spread of infectious diseases. 


It is common in most practices for all team members to undertake reprocessing duties from time to time. While Dental Assistants or a Sterilisation Nurse may undertake these duties regularly, there may be circumstances that see a Front Office Co-ordinator or even a Practice Manager jumping in to help. But, as clinicians are ultimately accountable for this reprocessing workflow, it is important that they also have a clear understanding of how sterilisation is achieved before they reuse an instrument in a patient’s mouth. 


In this training session, you and your team will learn…

- How sterilisation fits into the accountability vs responsibility model of your Infection Prevention Management Plan.

- The main frustrations commonly faced in the steri room.

- How poor room design and limited space can hugely impact the team members’ ability to carry out sterilisation tasks with correct workflow.

- Where the sterilisation workflow can fail and how to minimise the risk of a breach.

- Understand the required testing, monitoring, recording and storage of cycle data – if it’s not recorded it’s not done!


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how workflows can impact the efficacy and efficiency of reprocessing.
  2. Learn how the classification of an instruments end use dictates its reprocessing needs.
  3. Gain an understanding of the different aspects of testing, monitoring and record keeping to ensure compliance.
  4. Identify the steps that make up a validated process and how to achieve these.


Live Online Training (LOT)

This Live Online Training course is run using an online training software called WebinarJam. You will be able to see and hear the presenters as well as view their presentation on the screen.

While you won’t need to use your webcam or your microphone, you will be engaged on various topics using the chat tool, question polls and other live online activities!


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CPD Accreditation

Australian clinicians are required to make their own assessment as to the number of hours of Non-Scientific Continuing Education each course provides. This course is eligible for NZDA CPD points.

Prime Practice guarantees courses are compliant with the current Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.

* Number of accredited CPD hours depends on the length of the workshop.

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