FRONT OFFICE SYSTEMS: Cancellations and Late Patients

Minimise disruption to your ideal day by preventing cancellations and keeping your patients and team happy too. Support your team to manage cancellations effectively through the use of protocols, and transform your regularly late patients into punctual patients.


Despite planning our day as best as we can, we know that disruptions can happen.

Cancellations are not only annoying for the team, but they can also cause financial stress to the business. So, how then can we prevent these unexpected disruptions from happening?

One way is to ensure that cancellations do not happen in the first place by having systems to prevent it from happening.

In this session, we look at how to prevent cancellations and “fail-to-attends” by pre-empting in the treatment room and front office, through using powerful communication tools. We also identify protocols for dealing with cancellations when they do occur and how to best manage those late patients.

This session aims to empower the team to minimise disruptions to the ideal day whilst maintaining relationships with patients.

  • Learn how to prevent cancellations from happening both in the treatment rooms and at the front office through using effective communication skills and having team protocol and a cancellation policy in place.

  • Get the entire team aligned and clear that prevention of cancellations is a team effort and it requires systems in place that everyone needs to adhere to.

  • Track each cancellation to get on top of the number of cancellations in the practice and where they normally come from.

  • Learn how to encourage responsibility with your patients so that the occurrences of cancellations are minimised.

By reducing the number of cancellations and effectively managing the appointment book, you can still turn a less-than-ideal day into one that will still run smoothly.

Audience: Dentist, Hygienist / Therapist, Practice Owner, Practice Manager, Dental Assistant / Nurse, Front Office Coordinator.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Minimise disruption to your ideal day by preventing cancellations and keeping your patients happy too.

  2. Support your team to manage cancellations effectively with protocol and policy.

  3. Transform your regularly late patients into ideal patients who turn up on time.


Live Online Training (LOT)

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