FRONT OFFICE SYSTEMS: Huddles and Team Meetings

Build enthusiasm, generate commitment and inspire your team by learning how to conduct a well-facilitated daily meeting that will improve team work and the effectiveness of internal communications.


Good communication systems are the backbone for success in any dental practice. The lack of it can lead to breakdowns and additional stress for the entire team.

Therefore, it is important to build enthusiasm, generate commitment and inspire your team to foster and promote great team spirit.

Team Huddles

A great way to nurture such a culture is through the use of a well-facilitated daily meeting, or what we call Daily Huddles.

In this session, we break down the mechanics of how brief daily huddles should be conducted and provide several tools that will support these to be effective in their purpose. The daily huddle promotes team work and encourages communication which then creates a smooth flowing day and reduces stress.

Through learning how a successful huddle is run, you will also increase awareness of the benefits for each role in the team.

  • Learn tips and tricks for a successful huddle.

  • Learn how to create consistency with a solid huddle agenda.

  • Learn about all the “what-if’s” that normally stop us from running a huddle and how to overcome the commonly-faced challenges.

Team Meetings

We also cover how to get the most of your regular team meetings by applying some simple guidelines and facilitation techniques that will help you uncover the value of allocating time to develop skills and support team communication.

  • Learn how to implement regular team meetings and what to discuss (and what not to discuss).

  • Learn more about the benefits for both the team and practice owner.

  • Learn how to create minutes with clear actions and how to follow up for maximum accountability within the team.

By encouraging an environment where communication flows positively, the entire practice will function more productively and effectively. 

Audience: Dentist, Hygienist / Therapist, Practice Owner, Practice Manager, Dental Assistant / Nurse, Front Office Coordinator.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Maximise the patient experience by learning how to conduct a brief daily meeting (huddle) that improves teamwork and the effectiveness of internal communications.

  2. Build enthusiasm, generate commitment and bring a feeling of accomplishment to your team by understanding how to conduct a well-facilitated team meeting.


Live Online Training (LOT)

This Live Online Training course is run using an online training software called Zoom. You will be able to see and hear the presenters as well as view their presentation on the screen.

While you won’t need to use your webcam or your microphone, you will be engaged on various topics using the chat tool, question polls and other live online activities!


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CPD Accreditation

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* Number of accredited CPD hours depends on the length of the workshop.

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